'Trading is a process of observing the market's action until such a time you can find and form trading ideas and get involved.'**

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Shown are market's weekly year ender, S&P and Nasdaq were on the uptrend, Gold mostly sideways, while Crude drops hard. Let's see in the coming year how it goes.


Sunday, March 30, 2014


As I am embarking to a new direction to my trading endeavor, I am moving to my own Observe & Trade Private Blog to sustain my learning and plan for the future. Been a while learning the market and able to know how to do trading by myself and it's time to move to a new direction.

My Private Blog will be for my real time trades and the latest information in the market that will be collated from different reliable sources which is vital for continues learning and growth in observing and trading the Stock Market.

For more info, please visit my humble blog (http://tradingcreatively.blogspot.com/) for further guidance.

Thank you for all the support and looking forward to see you there!

Saturday, March 29, 2014



Monday's Market 3/31

Observation and the Trade for Monday's Market

The market was so erratic for the past month and was on the verge of dropping hard but some participants are not that in one conviction, pulling each other's throat that turns the market on a zigzag mode. The daily chart (below) of the S&P shows a deep cup with a handle pattern but the handle is extending, which is showing a concern as far as this humble market observer 'crystalizes'. The bars (red) especially the bigger ones are very 'scary', they are on the verge of dropping hard at any moment. I guess the bears are anticipating shorting the market here, while the bulls are just making it safe by putting a hard 'stop' for protection. If that happens, expect a brief hard push upwards for a 'short squeeze' and then on the way to the bottom?

For the Gold, there is no sign of relief unless John Paulson will buy the market here, but that is a foregone observation. But no one knows, except that it is dropping slowly, like squeezing one's neck bit by bit until it loses its breath - that's scary. Just take the Gold day by day, and monitor the Chinese or the Indian's angst for Gold, they might buy the yellow metal in bulk, if that happens, trade in-between to capture the abrupt move in case.

As for the Crude, it is moving upwards, it still a good swing here, but most likely a very tight fight between participant's opposing views. The best trade is on a day to day basis, probably on a short time frame. Expect a hard drop and hard push upwards, but it depends on how participants behave, so watch for it. Unless some major on-goings overseas might happened, especially of that in the Eastern Europe?, so be very vigilant out there traders.

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